Sean Cashman Certifies on the Red Nail

"From the very first time I got the IronMind Bag of Nails I knew I was hooked,” Sean Cashman said, and now it’s official that he’s proven his excellence as a short steel bender: Sean Cashman has just been certified on the IronMind Red Nail.

Hailing from Australia, Sean Cashman moved to the US ten years ago ago and he works as a personal trainer—one of the select few who are certified on the IronMind Red Nail.  IronMind® | Courtesy of Sean Cashman.

Sean said that he was introduced to IronMind “through the kettlebell community and bent the [IronMind] White and Green nails on [his] first attempt.

“The thing with unbraced steel bending is that it is just as mentally challenging as it is physically. The mind has to overcome something the body does not want to do. You have to focus all your effort, concentration and commitment into a bend. Nothing compares to the feeling of big steel yielding in your hands. Bending the Red nail is an accomplishment I’m so very proud of and for me is the culmination of many years of hard work, perseverance and patience.
“Many thanks to my beautiful family for their love and support. And thanks to my referee Stephen Eubanks for being part of this great achievement.”

Sean said he has 1 - 3 bending workouts per week, “usually alternating volume and max effort days.”

IronMind would like to extend a special thanks for Stephen Eubank for serving as Sean Cashman’s referee on his official bend: Congratulations, Sean, your name has been added to the Red Nail Roster!


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