Sean Betz Leads at 2010 IHGF World Highland Games Super Series

“Sean Betz leads after day one of the 2010 IHGF World Highland Games Super Series in Bressuire, France and Scott Rider won the first leg of the IHGF World Stone Putting Championship,” reported Francis Brebner.

2010 IHGF World Highland Games Super Series: Day 1  

by Francis Brebner
The first day of the 2010 IHGF World Highland Games Super Series in Bressuire, France attracted large crowds who travelled from all over to get a glimpse of the world’s best Highland Games athletes battle it out in one Europe's top Highland Games venues, set on the grounds of the 1,000-year-old Bressuire castle.

The first event with the competition got under way with the 22-lb. hammer, which was won by Sean Betz who showed great timing and speed ripping out a distance of 113’ 2”.  In second place was Larry Brock with 109’ 7-3/4”  and in third place was Scotland’s Craig Sinclair with 108’, which was not too bad considering that he had to throw without any spikes as his luggage got lost in transit to France from Scotland, so he didn’t have his boots.

The next event, the 17-lb. open stone, was very exciting indeed as England's Scott Rider obliterated the previous ground record held by Gregor Edmunds by nearly a meter and a half with a put of 57’ 4-3/4”.  In second place was Betz with a put of 51’ 6-1/2”  and in third place was Hans Lolkema with 51’ 4-3/4”.

The crowds were entertained with another record-breaking performance in the next event as well, when Larry Brock  sent the weight flying a incredible distance of 46’ 9-3/4” which surpassed the previous ground record held by Hans Lolkema by three meters.  In second place was Sean Betz with a throw of 43’ 7-3/4” and England's Scott Rider was in third place with 42’ 10-1/2”, which was a personal best for him.

In the final scoring event of the competition, the whopping 19’ 150-lb. caber proved to be a real challenge as only three athletes successfully tossed this brute of a caber.  Scott Rider was the main man with the winning toss of 12:05.  In second place was Brock with a 9:30 and in third was Hans Lolkema with 12:20.
Overall points after day one:  

1. Sean Betz - USA 9.5
2. Scott Rider - England 10.0
3. Larry Brock - USA 12.0
4. Ryan Vierra - USA 18.5
5. Greg Hadley - Canada 22.0
6. Aaron Neighbour - Australia 22.5
7. Hans Lolkema - Holland 24.0
8. Craig Sinclair - Scotland 26.5
9. Petur Gundmundsson - Iceland 35.0

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