Savickas Wins IFSA Worlds

Mikhail Koklyaev and Zydrunas Savickas were tied coming into the final event, so the winner of their duel would be the 2006 IFSA World Champion.

The last event was the stones, and to set the stage, the world record holder in the event, Travis Ortmayer, had the fastest time, 28.97, before Koklyaev went. Koklyaev ran through the stones in an impressive 29.21 seconds, so now the ball was in Savickas's court and the big man wasted no time in dropping the hammer: His time of 25.65 seconds gave him the title and a new IFSA world record.

Finals places for were:

1. Savickas
2. Koklyaev
4. Blekaitis
5. Mirumets
6. Szczepanski
7. Benedikt Magnusson
8. Thompson
9. Best
10. Ortmayer
11. Brusokas
12. Katona

IFSA CEO Christian Fennell told IronMind®, "We do this for the competitors," and Magnus Ver Magnusson, who was pivotal in organizing the contest, said that the competitors told him that it was "the best and hardest contest they had ever been in."

Praising the work done by Magnus Ver Magnusson and others in IFSA, Fennell said, "This was a true test of a world champion in strength events . . . There was no place to hide."

Fennell said that this contest would be broadcast in over 219 countries and looking toward 2007, Fennel said, "The best thing IFSA can give its athletes is a full slate of top quality events," mentioning plans to build on and expand what IFSA has accomplished this year.

Prize money was paid on the spot, said Fennell, with US$45,000 for first place, US$25,000 for second place and US$15,000 for third place.

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