Savickas Wins IFSA USA Grand Prix

Zydrunas Savickas took home the title and $6,000 for his efforts, as he won the World Strongman Challenge in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

IFSA USA President reported, "Zydrunas was first with 87 points, Derek Poundstone second with 68 points, and Jon Andersen third with 67.5 points. Van Hatfield gutted out 10 reps, and Zydrunas blasted out 11 reps. Tommy Lotta won the Conan's Wheel by a landslide and Zydrunas was second. Derek Poundstone won the tire flip–sled drag medley and Zydrunas was second. Marshall White won the Atlas Stones with 23 seconds, Zydrunas was second, and Derek Poundstone was third."

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