Savickas Makes it Four in a Row

Columbus - It never really seemed to be in doubt, as Zydrunas Savickas won his fourth consecutive Arnold Strongman title tonight.

The 2005 IFSA world champion proved his mettle today, first by breaking the Hummer deadlift world record with an extra attempt at 1,000 pounds and then by matching the best effort of the night on the final event, the Circus dumbbell, a brute that at first looked unliftable.

Brian Siders was the first competitor to get the massive dumbbell overhead, making one rep, and then Phil Pfister blew open the door with his mighty six-rep success. Mikael Koklyaev matched Pfister's performance, as did Savickas.

Vasyl Virastyuck was second overall, Koklyaev was third and Pfister was fourth.

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