Savickas, Koklyaev Tied

After four events on the first day of the IFSA World Championships, Zydrunas Savickas and Mikhail Koklyaev are tied for the lead, with 40.5 points.

Vasyl Virastyuk is in third place, with 36 points, and here are the places and points for the whole field:

1-2. Savickas, Koklyaev 40.5 points
3. Virastyuk 36 points
4. Benedikt Magnusson 31.5 points
5. Blekaitis 31 points
6. Murumets 29 points
7. Szczepanski 22.5 points
8. Best 21 points
9. Thompson 19 points
10. Ortmayer 15 points
11. Katona 13.5 points
12. Brusokas 5.5 points

The day's competition began with the deadlift for reps (320 kg), and Koklyaev and Savickas tied for first with 10 reps, followed by Szczepanski at nine, Bleikaitis at eight and then Best, Katona and Benedikt Magnusson all tied at seven.

Murumets won the farmer's walk (160 kg, 50 meters for time), with a new IFSA world record. Benedikt Magnusson was second, followed by Virastyuk in third, Best in fourth and Koklyaev in fifth place.

Savickas won the log lift and, as reported earlier, attempted a new IFSA world record with 215 kg, but did not make it. Magnus Ver Magnusson told IronMind® that it appeared that Savickas lost his balance and while another attempt would not have been allowed, Savickas had enough time to try the weight again, but chose not to. Savickas won with 200 kg, Virastyuk was second with 190 and Koklyaev and Thompson tied with 180 kg.

The last event today was the Toyota Wheelbarrow, which was won by Koklyaev, followed by Virastyuk, and then Savickas.

The action continues tomorrow, and Magnus Ver Magnusson said that he is extremely pleased with how things are going so far. Asked about the prize money for the winner, Magnus Ver said that he was not in those discussions, but that the total prize money for the contest was US$160,000.

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