San Jose FitExpo: Strongman, Mas, Grip . . .

Print, clip and bring this coupon to save $ while enjoying Northern California’s largest fitness expo, the San Jose FitExpo, this weekend and the strength side of things will feature strongman, mas wrestling and grip strength competitions. IronMind® | Image courtesy of The FitExpo

Northern California strongman competitors—come to the San Jose FitExpo this weekend, do well, and you could be on your way to the amateur world championships in Columbus, Ohio next year.

Mas wrestling enthusiasts will be happy to see it’s one of the events in the strongman competition, and there will also be the USA Open Mas Wrestling Tournament.

And for you grip men and women, how about the Rolling Thunder, Apollon’s Axle Double Overhand Deadlift, CoC Silver BulletIronMind Hub and Blockbuster Pinch Grip Block? For full details on the grip contest, please follow this link.


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