Samundsson Wins Bison Highland Games...

Samundur Unnar Samundsson (ICE) won yesterday's Bison International Highland Games in Iceland. The field included the defending world champion, Ryan Vierra (USA), who was second, Andres Gudmundsson (ICE), who placed third, and Wout Zijlstra (HOL), who placed fourth. Samundsson and Zijlstra are the two top performers in weight for height in the world, so after they both cleared 17 feet, in pouring rain, they both attacked 18 feet 6 inches, in an attempt to set a new world record, although neither one cleared the height. The Bison Highland Games series is promoted by the Icelandic strength stars Hjalti Arnason and Andres Guomundsson, and has been producing some superb performances.

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