Samuelsson Wins Sweden's Strongest Man

Magnus Samuelsson won this weekend's Sweden's Strongest Man contest and he filed this report.

"It has been a series of competitions over the year that decided the lineup of athletes for the main event and this year the competition was made in a new way," Magnus told IronMind®. "Instead of having heats and the finals like in the past, we had a system where 15 athletes started in the first two events and after that the last three athletes in the competition had to step aside. After the next event, another three athletes were out, and after the fourth and last event of day one, there were only six athletes left. The last day, six athletes did the first two events, and after that only four did the last two events," explained Magnus.

Strongman fans worldwide would expect to hear that Magnus Samuelsson won the contest, and he did, for the ninth time, and, in fact, he won every event but the last one (which he didn't enter). Magnus reported that they had a new event this year, the stone lift for repetitions, which he described as: "Same size and weight of the stone as the fifth stone in World's Strongest Man was to be lifted up to a 138 cm platform." Is it a surprise that the man nicknamed "The Stone King" won, by knocking off 11 repetitions?

Magnus said that Anders Johansson looked good, "placing second in the competition, but he had to fight hard to shake of Robert Brolin. Robert is a very strong, nice and tough athlete, and there were only a few points between them in the end," Magnus said.

Here are the final places:

1. Magnus Samuelsson
2. Anders Johansson
3. Robert Brolin
4. Kalle Lane
5. Peter Rundberg
6. Stefan Bergqvist
7. Daniel Johansson
8. Lasse Frank
9. Niklas Hult

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