Said Asaad Wins the 105s at the Asian Games

Busan, Korea – Said Asaad (QAT) controlled the competition in the 105-kg category in weightlifting to win the gold medal at the Asian Games today.

Asaad snatched 180, 187.5 and 192.5 kg to end up in second place going into the clean and jerks.  Leading after the snatches was Cui Wenhua (CHN), at 195 kg, and Hossein Tavakoli (IRI) was one of the next three next lifters, all tied at 180 kg. 

Cui made three good clean and jerks, ending at 220 kg, for what would prove to be a silver medal total of 415 kg.  Tavakoli, who had only made one snatch, opened with a strong 220 kg clean and jerk, but missed the jerk on 230 kg and also on 232.5 kg, to end the night with a 400-kg total and the bronze medal.

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