SCL World’s Strongest Team: “The Biggest Strongman Show in History” Coming to China

“The MHP Strongman Champions League is on its way to China, with 32 athletes from 31 nations all over the world for the biggest professional field a strongman show ever had in history:   A new episode of strongman will be a fact after 11 July,” Marcel Mostert told IronMind today.

Strongman Champions League (SCL) is flexing its muscles once again as it travels to China with a plan for “the biggest strongman show in history.”  IronMind® | Image courtesy of SCL.
Strongman Champions League (SCL) is flexing its muscles once again as it travels to China with a plan for “the biggest strongman show in history.”  IronMind® | Image courtesy of SCL.

“We are going to make there a completely new strongman show with a totally different format than have ever been used before: There will be team events, with 2 to 6 athletes per team, individual events, and every day elimination rounds.
“The competition lasts six days in total, from 4  until 11 July , with over 19 events.  After each day, 2-4 athletes will be eliminated.

“Under these 19 events will be: building a huge pyramid of 50 washing machines, pulling airplanes of 40,000 kg , jar lifting, building bridges, keg throwing in the water, etc. . . . crazy events, all based on strongman rules and its format, but completed with a way different sauce.  

“On top of that we will have 50 dancers, fireworks, speedboats and watergliders for the opening and closing ceremony.

“It took us really much preparation to get this all done and we are satisfied so far because we are proud that SCL will write history again.  It’s going to be huge!,” Mostert said.

Here is the list of athletes competing:

1. Zydrunas Savickas—Lithuania    
2. Ervin Katona—Serbia               
3. Alexander Lysenko—Russia               
4. Lauri Nami—Estonia                                                        
5. Dainis Zageris—Latvia                
6. Krzystof Radzikowski—Poland                 
7. Rob Frampton—England            
8. Laurence Shahlaei—Iran                   
9. Daniel Gracia—Gibraltar       
10. Gery Gschiel—Austria                            
11. Timo Ruediger—Germany                                                    
12. Hafthor Bjornsson—Iceland                                          
13. JF Caron—Canada              
14. Scott Jones—Australia          
15. Konstantin Ilin—Ukraine            
16. Paul Pirjol—Romania     
17. Gregor Stegnar—Slovenia                                        
18. Akos Nagy—Hungary            
19. Tristen O Brien—South Africa                                               
20. Travis Ortmayer—USA                   
21. Antti Mouravi—Finland    
22. Nuno Esteves—Portugal           
23. Marcos Feitosa—Brazil                 
24. Jarno Hams—Holland            
25.  Simon Sulaiman—Syria                 
26.  Fuad Hsaini—Morocco          
27.  Adin Arnaut—Bosnia              
28.  D Beusekom—Egypt                
29.  Peter Puszer—Slovakia                                                      
30.  Patrick Babaumian—Armenia              
31.  China winner—China    
32.  China runner up—China
So, stay tuned this week for further results on IronMind and


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