Rusty Price Wins the St. Andrews Highland Games

American Rusty Price has had a hot hand on the Scottish Highland Games circuit this summer and while his victory at St. Andrews this past weekend added to his impressive total, Scotland’s Bruce Robb and Craig Sinclair earned the other two podium positions.

2011 St. Andrews Highland Games
by Francis Brebner
The St. Andrews Highland Games this past weekend attracted about 3,000 spectators who turned out to watch the much publicized Rusty Price and Mike Pockoski, both making a big impression on the Scottish Games circuit.

Between them, Price and Pockoski have hardly been out of the top two places in every Games they have competed in so far and have established several records since the beginning of their Scottish tour.  This possibly might explain why a few athletes were deterred from competing against the American duo during Games week and some major Scottish Championships events.

Competing in the line-up at St. Andrews was Scotland’s Craig Sinclair, Bruce Robb and Harry Hancock, USA’s Price and Sam Grammer, Belgium’s Jimmy Van De Walle, and Holland’s Wietze Rosier.

In the opening event with the 16-lb. shot, Price kept up his winning form with a put of 51’ 9”.  In second place was Robb with 48’ 8”, and in third, Grammer with 44’ 11”.

In the 22-lb. shot, Price pulled out another winning throw of 42’ 5”; again, Robb placed second with 39’ 7” and Grammer third at 38’ 1”.

The 28-lb. weight-for-distance was a very close competition, with Sinclair dominating the event with 79’ 11”.  Price did 76’ 3” for second place, with Robb close behind at 75’ 6” for third.

The 16-lb. hammer was all-out war with Price edging out Sinclair for the win with a distance of 133’ 9” to Sinclair’s 130’ 4” for second place; Grammer was third at 115’ 3”.

The 22-lb. hammer was very exciting with all eyes glued on Price and Sinclair once again as they thrashed it out throw for throw.  Sinclair was the one to triumph this time with 103’ 7”.  Price settled for second at 101’ 11”, and Robb was third at 99’ 0”.

The 19’, 130-lb. caber was tossed for first place by Grammer, second place by Robb, and third by Price.

The 56-lb. weight-over-bar ended in a tie between Grammer and Robb at a height of 15’, and for third place it was also a tie between Price and Sinclair at a height of 14’.
Overall placings:

1.  Rusty Price
2.  Bruce Robb
3.  Craig Sinclair
4.  Sam Grammer
5.  Jimmy Van De Walle
6.  Wietze Rosier
7.  Harry Hancock

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