Russian Armlifting Championships

Take the Rolling Thunder, Apollon’s Axle and CoC Silver Bullet—combined with the armlifting experience of Sergey Badyuk, Andrey Sharkov and Dmitriy Sukovarov; backed by Russia’s Bear Grip and USA’s IronMind—and set the contest in St. Petersburg’s Red Tower CrossFit. No wonder the Russian Armlifting Championships promises to be the next big thing in grip contests. IronMind® | Image courtesy of APL

“The 2015 Russian Armlifting Championships are set for October 17, at the Red Tower CrossFit, this is the official Reebok CrossFit center in Saint Petersburg, Russia,” Dmitriy Suhovarov told IronMind told.

Featuring the three classic armlifting events—IronMind Rolling Thunder, Apollon’s Axle and CoC (Captains of Crush) Silver Bullet—in a city with a history of success promoting high-level armlifting competitions, Suhovarov said “we hope for good results.”

This contest “is open to every Russian citizen” said Suhovarov, with men’s categories of under 90 kg and 90+ kg; women will compete in an absolute category.

“In each discipline, we will have medals for 1st through 3rd place, as well as gifts from sponsors and partners.”

For full event rules, please check IronMind (Rolling Thunder, Apollon’s Axle, CoC Silver Bullet) or the official APL website. For full contest details, please email or


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