Ruslan Albegov Wins the Supers

He got off to a poor start, missing his first two snatches, but his clean and jerk allowed Ruslan Albegov (Russia) to win the super heavyweight category at the 2013 Senior European Weightlifting Championships tonight in Tirana, Albania.

Albegov stumbled in the snatch, missing 195 kg twice before making it easily on his third attempt, and this opened the door for Artem Udachyn (Ukraine), who made 195 kg and 200 kg, before missing 203 kg.

Albegov opened with 230 kg in the clean and jerk, for a good lift, and Udachyn responded with a good 231 kg opener.  Albegov made 236 kg, Udachyn replied with 242 kg and Albegov hit 247 kg on his third attempt—putting him in first place on body weight.  

Looking to overtake Albegov, Udachyn took the same weight, cleaned it and drove it to arms’ length overhead, but could not fix it.  Jiri Orsag (Czech) won the bronze medal in the total with 422 kg.


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