Rolling Thunder® World Championships: Live Broadcast

Just in from the hardworking WSMSS crew, now on site at the Mohegan Sun: "Great news - we are going to do a live broadcast of the Rolling Thunder® World Championships in the casino at Mohegan!"

This is a full-tilt, TV-quality production, Colin Bryce emphasized. "We have a TV director, two cameramen, all the internet crew, plus myself and Kevin Nee will be commentating along with Svend [Karlsen]."

"Anyone can log on to the website," Bryce said, "and sign up and watch for less than $8 - and that is for a monthly basis which also gives them our archive as well as the entire TV production for Saturday night's WSMSS Mohegan Sun Grand Prix.

And how's this for a bonus? "We will give a 20% discount for the first 500 who put in a promotional code of:"

"We reckon this is excellent value for money and hope its going to be a big success with the fans who couldn't make it in person!"

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