Rolling Thunder Pull-ups: Rules and World Records

Not just for one-arm deadlifts, the Rolling Thunder is also a tool of first choice for pull-ups, and very soon, IronMind will be recognizing the world’s best performances for Rolling Thunder Pull-ups, so train up and get your name on the board. IronMind® | Image ©IronMind

Almost since its inception, some guys have been putting the Rolling Thunder into action for pull-ups—not just a grip strength movement par excellence, Rolling Thunder pull-ups are a way to train and test the strength of everything from your biceps to your fingertips.

Recognizing the primacy of this movement and responding to an inquiry from a leader in the Finnish grip strength community, Kimmo Kokko, who asked IronMind about doing Rolling Thunder pullups under official conditions, we said this sounded like a terrific idea.

Here’s a just-launched page provisionally defining Rolling Thunder rules and world records, so please feel free to comment and IronMind will consider all input prior to finalizing the details.

So, whether you’re an arm wrestler, OCR, MMA, rock climber or just plain gorilla strong, grab a Rolling Thunder or two and pull up.


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