Rolling Thunder: Andrus Murumets Sets a New World Record at the IFSA All Strength Challenge

Estonian strongman Andrus Murumets set a new world record in the IronMind® Rolling Thunder® at the IFSA All Strength Challenge this weekend in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Murumets's lift of 267 pounds also took first place, with a US$300 prize, in the pro division. Odd Haugen was second, with a lift of 227 pounds, earning US$200, and Peter Baltus was third, with a lift of 207 pounds, which got him US$100. Josee Morneau won the women's division, with a lift of 107 pounds, and Brad Hirst and Darrell Hill tied in the amateur men's division, both hauling up 142 pounds.

Murumets also showed his prowess in the All Strength Challenge itself, setting a world record in the Hercules Hold, and finishing second overall in the individual rankings. The UK team won, overall, followed by the Baltic team, then the Viking team, the US Team, the European team, and the Canadian team.

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