Rock and Roll at the 2003 IronMind Las Vegas Rolling Thunder Championships

Held in conjunction with the IFSA Las Vegas Strongman Challenge, the IronMind Las Vegas Rolling Thunder® Championships will give you a chance to test your grip strength and maybe grab a little extra cash.

Run by veteran World's Strongest Man competitor Mark Philippi, the IFSA-USA Las Vegas Strongman Challenge is a qualifier for the US National Strongman Championships, which will determine the Americans who will compete at this year's World's Strongest Man show, and as part of the overall event, the Palms Hotel and Casino will host the IronMind Las Vegas Rolling Championships, in the Palapa Lounge, at 6:30 on May 30th.

Prizes of $300 for 1st place overall, $200 for 2nd place overall, and $100 for 3rd place overall will be provided by Rolling Rock beer, and additional prizes will be given for the top local performances. As an added bonus, a $250 IronMind gift certificate will be given to the first person to lift 270 pounds or more, which would represent a new world record in the lift. This event is open to the public. Check the official IFSA-USA website for additional contest details.

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