Rob W. Vigeant Wins Strong-Arm Tactics 2004

Rob W. Vigeant won Strong-Arm Tactics 2004 today in Oak Park Heights, Minnesota, with his cousin, Rob F. Vigeant, coming in second.

Shane Larson was third, Jedd Johnson was fourth, and Jeff Peterson was fifth overall.

Drawing almost two dozen competitors, from five states, promoter Brian Carlton couldn't help but be pleased with the way things went.  Carlton has been working for a couple of years to develop grip strength competitions and this event built on his success with Feats of Hands 2003.

The events included a maximum effort on grippers that had been rank ordered in terms of difficulty, a two-hand plate pinch grip, a maximum lift on the Rolling Thunder®, and a maximum effort on nail bending.

Rob W. Vigeant won the gripper event, and gave a No. 4 Captains of Crush® gripper a try, but couldn't close it.  Jeff Bissonnette and Rob W. Vigeant tied for first on the two-hand plate pinch grip, at 195 pounds. Shane Larson won the Rolling Thunder®, with a lift of 215 pounds, and Rob F. Vigeant won the nail bending, by bending an IronMind® Blue Nail cut down to 4 inches.

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