Richard Sorin: 6, 5, 4 . . . 7

Among other things, Charlie Biron brought a small pile of 10-pound plates to the AOBS dinner for all the grip guys to play with, and to kick things off, he toyed with pinch gripping five in each hand and standing up with them.

Richard Sorin nailed five and gave six a boost, and had such a good time that he tried to buy the exact plates, so he could enjoy them at home. As things turned out, the importer didn't have any in stock, so Charlie, being a super nice guy, just sent Richard the very plates that he had brought to the AOBS dinner.

On Monday, Richard pinched gripped six, something that perhaps only Wade Gillingham and Heath Sexton have done.  Richard did that with five fingers, and then he did five of the tens with only two fingers plus his thumb.  He repeated both of those feats earlier today, and just minutes ago, he attacked four 10-pound plates, hoisting them with his thumb and one finger!

Richard says he wouldn't be surprised if he can snatch five of the 10-pound plates, and he said that if he can get his fingers around them, he'll see if he can give seven of the 10s a ride. Stay tuned!

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