Richard Skog Wins Norway's Strongest Man

It was a close, excellent battle, Odd Haugen told IronMind®, and in the end, Richard Skog prevailed, winning Norway's Strongest Man contest today.

With three events remaining, the field was cut to the top six competitors and at that point, Arild Haugen was in fourth place, Richard Skog was in second place. Richard Skog won the Fingal's Fingers and then Arild Haugen came back and won the Atlas Stones, which included a 200-kg final stone. Now, Arild Haugen was within one point of Richard Skog, and he set the fastest time on the final event (loading) . . . until Richard Skog, as the last competitor, beat it by one second and claimed the title of 2009 Norway's Strongest Man.

By virtue of his victory, Richard Skog is guaranteed an invitation to this year's World's Strongest Man contest.

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