Rezazdeh (IRI) Gets the Gold: Supers Sensational in Sydney

(Sydney) Living up to all expectations, the superheavyweight class in weightlifting at the Sydney Olympics was sensational.

Hossein Rezazadeh (IRI) snatched a huge 212.5 kg to take the early lead over Germany's Ronny Weller, who snatched 210 kg. Ashot Danielyan (ARM) was third after the snatches, with 207.5 kg. Jaber Saleem (QAT) snatched 205 kg, and both defending Olympic champion, Andrei Chemerkin (RUS), and Viktors Scherbatihs (LAT) made 202.5 kg.

The clean and jerks were just as impressive, as Rezazadeh, Chemerkin and Kim Tae-Hyun (KOR) all made 260 kg. Weller tried 262.5 for the win, but missed the jerk, and Chemerkin called for a monstrous 272.5 in an effort to take home the gold medal, but it too was no cigar.

Rezazdeh finished the night with a world record 472.5 kg total and the gold medal. Weller won the silver medal with 467.5 kg and Danielyan won the bronze medal with 465 kg.

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