Rezazadeh, Rezazadeh, Rezazadeh

Warsaw, Poland – Hossein Rezazadeh (IRI) won the superheavyweight title at the World Weightlifting Championships today in convincing style, proving that his huge training lifts were the real thing.

In fact, the field really broke into two classes: Rezazadeh and all the others.

After winning the snatch with an easy lift of 210 kg, Rezazadeh really opened things up in the clean and jerk.  After opening with 252.5 kg, for an easy lift, he moved to a world record attempt with 263 kg on his second attempt and the lift was never in doubt.  That lift gave him the gold in the jerk, and in the total, where his 472.5 kg dwarfed silver medalist Damjan Damyanov's (BUL) 450.  Artem Udachyn (UKR) got the bronze in the total with 440 kg.  Damyanov also picked up the silver in the snatch (205) and the clean and jerk (245).  Udachyn got the bronze in the snatch (200 kg), and Pawel Najdek (POL), who had bombed in the snatch, got the bronze in the jerk (240 kg).  Ashot Danielyan (ARM) and Andrei Chemerkin (RUS) bombed in the clean and jerk, both lifting well below their previous best performances.  USA's Shane Hamman turned in a very strong performance in the snatch: He missed 197.5 kg on his second attempt, but then smoked it on his third attempt, for a fourth place finish in the snatch.

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