Raw Viking Challenge 2002

Other than reigning World's Strongest Man winner Svend Karlsen and the amazing Odd Haugen, all the top Norwegian strongmen are expected to compete in the Raw Viking Challenge 2002.

Scheduled for August 23rd and 24th, five events are planned for both days.

The first day's events include a Viking Walk with 150 kg in each hand, along with an overhead stone lift, a tire flip, a yoke carry and a rope pull. The second day has a partial squat, a Viking Hold, incline log press, Viking Wheel and a partial deadlift.

Frank Nagy, Roy Holte, Olaf Dahl, Ketil Olsen, Geir Standahl, Sturla Davidsen, Espen Aune, Andreas Tiller and Trond Stenberg will compete "until there is no blood left to spill . . . ."

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