Raw Strength in Mesquite: Petursson, Magnusson, Siders, Bracewell

“I know that MILO and IronMind's focus isn't on raw, classic powerlifting, but I do know that you regularly cover the worlds of strongman and highland games,” Hardcore Powerlifting’s Sean Katterle told Randall Strossen, and you knew that this meant Sean was about to deliver his best pitch.
“Our pro raw bench press & deadlifting competition takes place this Saturday in Mesquite, Texas.  Included in our line-up is Stefan Solvi Petursson of Iceland (pro Highland Gamesman and WSM finalist), Benni Magnusson of Iceland (Arnold Classic and IFSA pro strongman) and Brian Siders (Arnold Classic pro strongman and WSM qualifier) as well as American Pro Strongman competitor, Ryan Bracewell.
“I've got our complete line-up on my BLOG over at Iron Man Magazine's website,” Katterle said, and its complete with “all the names, photos, stats and videos.”
So, if you’re in the area or if you need a good excuse to drop by Mesquite this weekend to see some big lifts, Sean’s put together a package that should make your eyes bulge.

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