Ralf Ber Wins World Strongmancup Today

With a beautiful day to help celebrate his birthday, Glenn Ross, who is still nursing an injured shoulder, managed a strong second place performance, as Ralf Ber won the World Strongman Cup competition in Armagh, Ireland today.

World Strongman Cup manager Martin Muhr said that it was "a good competition with a lot of good guys . . . about 2,500 spectators . . . it started in the rain, but then we had beautiful weather. This was not a typical strongman contest," Muhr added. "Not a lot of moving around."

The top five were:

1. Ralf Ber
2. Glenn Ross
3. Tarmo Mitts
4. Dominic Filiou
5. Raivis Vidzis

For full results, please check the official World Strongman Cup website.

The next stop in this year's World Strongman Cup tour is Minsk, Belarus in three weeks. "All the top guys will be there," Muhr said.

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