Raivis Vidzis Wins World Strongmancup Final

World Strongmancup Manager Martin Muhr told IronMind that this year's final event "was a fight between Jesse Marunde from America and Raivis Vidzis from Lativa and Elbrus Nagmatulin from Russia."

The contest was in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia this weekend, and Muhr said, "We had the best guys from the Worlds [World's Strongest Man] this year and the top guys from World Strongmancup there," as two of top three competitors from WSM - Jesse Marunde and Dominic Filiou - competed, along with such top Worldstrongman Cup athletes as Raivis Vidzis. "[2005 WSM winner] Mariusz was also invited," Muhr said, "but he could not get a visa, because his passport was full, and he could not get a new one till last Friday."

There were five events:

Medley: Duckwalk with 205 kg / 20 Meters and than Wheelflip with 385 kg for 6 times
Log for Max
Conan Wheel with 365 kg
Stones 125 till 185 kg
Powerstairs with 205 / 250 / 290 kg

This was not an end-of-year cakewalk, as Muhr said, "It was close till the end because Jesse was leading until the last event, but he did not do well in Powerstairs and Raivis took his chance and got the win from the Final and also from the Overall Title from World Strongmancup 2005."

Third-place winner from the 2005 MET-Rx World's Strongest Man contest Dominic Filiou was hampered by bad luck with missed connections, delaying his arrival. "Not enough rest for this big guy," Muhr said, and after Filou gave the first event a shot, but finished last, he retired from the competition. "I can understand this," Muhr said.

"This was the best year for World Strongmancup and we look positive in the future, because we have the best guys for next year, like Mariusz, Jesse, Dominic, Raivis, Tarmo, Ralf, Franz, Dave and a lot more," Muhr said, "and a great sponsor with intertops.com."

Here are the final places and points:

1. Raivis Vidzis 58 points
2. Jesse Marunde 55
3. Elbus Nigamatulin 49
4. Michael Starov 45
5. Dave Ostlund 39
6. Tarmo Mitt 39
7. Dmitry Kononets 38
8. Roland Gulbis 31.5
9. Ralf Ber 31.5
10. Igor Torlak 22
11. Franz Beil 21
12. Simon Flint 19
13. Dominic Filiou 1

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