Raivis Vidzis Wins World Strongman Cup Competition

Representing Latvia, Raivis Vidzis won the World Strongman Cup competition in Colorado yesterday, edging out Ireland's Glenn Ross by 1/2 point.

Final placings and points were:

1. Raivis Vidzis (Latvia) 57.5 pts
2. Glenn Ross (Ireland) 57 pts
3. Ralf Ber (Austria) 55 pts
4. Tarmo Mitts (Estonia) 51 pts
5. Grant Higa (USA) 39 pts
6. Chad Coy (USA) 38.5 pts
7. Ed Brost (Canada) 37 pts
8. Al Block (Canada) 33 pts
9. Antanas Arbrutas (Lithuania) 26 pts
10. Brian Irwin (Ireland) 25 pts
11. Scott Cummine (Canada) 21 pts
12. John Beatty (USA) 19 pts

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