Quebec Strongman Championships

The first round of the Quebec's Strongest Man contest was today and the top twelve competitors advance to the finals tomorrow.

IronMind® does not have the official results, but here are what we believe are the top ten from today, all of whom will be going on to the finals tomorrow:

1. Christian Savoie
2. Hugo Girard
3. Louis-Philippe Jean
4. Jessen Paulin
5. Jean-Francois Dumais
6. Jean-Francois Caron
7. Mike Sanders
8. Guillaume Dupuis
9. Frankie Bonneau
10. Guillaume Laflame

"This was a long qualification . . . twenty-one guys up for the round one . . . a hard day for some, but a good warm-up day for the top guys," an insider told IronMind®.

The top four from the final of this contest will go on to Canada's Strongest Man.

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