Pyrros Dimas: A Eye on Athens

LOUTRAKI, GREECE – Pyrros Dimas (GRE) is not competing in this year's European Weightlifting Championships, guarding his knee and building up for the World Weightlifting Championships later this year.

Dimas, a three-time Olympic gold medalist, hopes to bag a record fourth Olympic gold medal in Athens next year, and is training progressively toward that goal.

Planning to compete in the 94-kg category, Dimas currently weighs about 92 kg and is snatching 170 kg, and cleaning and jerking 210 kg in training.  His leg strength isn't too shabby, either: Yesterday morning, in training, Dimas started his front squats with a single with 220 kg, and then did a routine 240 kg. Today, in another morning workout, Dimas front squatted 250 kg.

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