Pudzianowski Really Did Win World's Strongest Man Yesterday: Today It's Official!

Hardly on anyone's short list after the qualifiers, Mariusz Pudzianowski wasted no time making everyone believers once the finals started.

Pudzianowski dominated the 2003 World's Strongest Man contest in a manner that will have heads shaking in disbelief for quite some time. Zydrunas Savickas finished in second place and Vasyl Virastyuk in third place. The final placings were: 1) Pudzianowski 2) Savickas 3) Virastyuk 4) Samuelsson 5) Bergmanis 6) Dymek 7) Girard 8) Paulen 9) Karlsen and 10) Dolan.

Be sure to watch the WSM TV show when it airs in December.

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