Pudzianowski Back in the Lead at World's Strongest Man . . . Hugo Girard Out

With Hurricane Jeanne moving on, the action resumed yesterday at the World's Strongest Man contest and Mariusz Pudzianowski is in the lead.

Three events were held yesterday - sumo wrestling, the safe lift and Conan's wheel - and everyone hopes the storm-induced disruptions will now be replaced by smooth sailing until the conclusion of the contest.

Zydrunas Savickas is in second place overall, Svend Karlsen and Vasyl Virastiuk are tried for third, Magnus Samuelsson is in fourth place and Raimonds Bergmanis is in fifth place.

Steve Kirit has been replaced by Andrus Murmets, who is said to have taken over Kirit's points and position, and top competitor Hugo Girard has just withdrawn, although no details are available.

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