Provick, Dolan and Castonguay Qualify for Canada's Strongest Man

With their top-three finishes as the 2004 Western Canada's Strongest Man competition (in Winnepeg, Manitoba), Brad Provick, Geoff Dolan and Gino Castonguay qualified for the Canada's Strongest Man contest to be held later this year.

MC/TV commentator Sam Dube, Ph.D. said, "Geoffrey Dolan's effort to win his third Westerns was thwarted when he tore his left calf during the fifth event, the Super Yoke Eliminator (at 910 lbs.).  Despite the injury, the 2003 World's Strongest Man 10th place finisher chose to participate in and managed to complete the last event, the Medley, but was passed by his good friend and the new Western Canada's Strongest Man, Brad 'The Bus' Provick."  Provick finished with 43-1/2 points, followed by Dolan at 42 and Castonguay at 38-1/2 points.

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