Professional Strongman League of Ukraine Launches Reality TV Show

The Professional Strongman League of Ukraine (PLSU) “has started filming its [reality] TV project, Strongman from the People, vice president Alex Glivinski told IronMind® today.

“Twenty-five amateur strongman [competitors] took part in the medley with three implements . . . sand bag carry . . . farmer's walk  . . . log lift [today].  Fourteen participants did well [on] all three implements and went to the final directly.  Referees were [Vasyl] Virastyuk, [Kyrulo] Chuprunin and [Mykhaylo] Starov.”

In addition, “six more were chosen by an Expert Council of ten current and ex-strongman [competitors]: Vasyl Virastyuk, Kyrylo Chuprynin, Mykhaylo Starov, Sergiy Konyushok, Viktor Yurchenko, Oleksandr Pekanov, Volodymyr Muravlyov, Oleksandr Lashyn, 10-year captain of the Ukrainian national track and field team, 3-time Olympian Roman Virastyuk (Vasyl's older brother) and Oleksandr Glivinski, vice president PLSU and presenter of the project."     

“So we had [a] round table [meeting] and discussed all 11 contenders for [the remaining] six places and voted after that.  All 20 finalists were divided on ten groups (two athletes in each), and every team received their coach-tutor from the Expert Council which will train and prepare them for the final."

“So all of this will film like a reality TV show (how guys prepare at home, a coach will visit them), and we will start to broadcast this on TV channel 'Tonis' from 15 May, every Saturday and Sunday at 16.30 o'clock (4:30 p.m.)," Glivinksi said.

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