Premiere of Louis Cyr Movie is a Red Carpet Event

The premiere of the Louis Cyr movie in Montreal on Monday was a big hit, reported Paul Ohl as he described the occasion for IronMind.

The movie Louis Cyr: L’Homme Le Plus Fort Du Monde opens on Friday.  IronMind® | Image courtesy of Seville Films.
The movie Louis Cyr: L’Homme Le Plus Fort Du Monde opens on Friday.  IronMind® | Image courtesy of Seville Films.

Louis Cyr: The Toast of the Town
by Paul Ohl

The Red Carpet première of LOUIS CYR (the movie) in Montreal this past Monday was described as the “biggest social event of the year.”  Some streets were blocked as the stars of the movie and hundreds of guests paraded in carriages and made a spectacular arrival at the Montreal prestigious Place des Arts where they were met by cameras and hundreds of flashes.

The fans were going frenzy when Antoine Bertrand set foot on the Red Carpet. His first words were : “Louis Cyr lives.”

The huge theater was jammed. Not one seat was left empty. At the end, as the credits started rolling, the assistance of 2000 people rose and gave a standing ovation to the epic production.

“I am sure Louis Cyr wasn’t expecting such a buzz . He made it quite well through the last century . But with this movie and the definite biography that led to this production, he will be remembered for at least another century,” said Antoine Bertrand, the lead actor of the movie. It got him another standing ovation.

“Louis Cyr once held all the strength records and still holds a few, added Daniel Roby, who directed the entire production, he has one more to go, that is the box office record in the country.” All the press reports are predicting just that.

The movie opens officially this coming Friday.

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