Polish Women Sweep 58-kg Category

(Antalya, Turkey) Marieta Gotfryd won the snatch with 95 kg to give Poland the first gold medal in the women's 58-kg category at the Weightlifting World Championships today.

Poland then picked up the next two golds, as well, when Alexsandra Klejnowska, jerked 122.5 and totaled 215.

This class also featured Jackie Berube, the only US competitor in this year's world championships.  Berube placed fourth in the snatch (87.5 kg) and fifth overall (195 kg)overall.  Berube said she decided to compete, even though the US team withdrew, citing security concerns.

Asked why she decided to come, Berube said, "I trained very hard for this contest and felt it was very important to come and represent my country even if nobody else came."  Berube said she had to pay her own way, but was very glad she came. "Everyone has been wonderful," she said.

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