Polish Sweep Today

The Polish Team won the Poland Versus the World strongman challenge today and Aneta Florczyk (Poland) won the Europe's Strongest Woman contest.

"We did really well," Odd Haugen said of the World Team: "We came in second."

That's the kind of contest it was, hard but fun, and Haugen said that it was a great crowd, as usual, and that the World team got almost as much support as did the Polish team. "Well, maybe not quite as much as Mariusz got," Haugen added.

In the spirit of the contest, World team member Svend Karlsen kidded Mariusz Pudzianowski just before the Power Stairs started and said, "After you're done, come and help us finish." Sure enough, after the Mariusz had worked his magic for the Polish team, he took over for Odd Haugen, who had gotten the final weight (320 kg) up the first step - Mariusz took it up the remaining four steps.

"One of the most amazing things was seeing Aneta Florczyk do a 300-kg silver dollar deadlift," Haugen said, marveling at her ability to pull so much weight.

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