Poland Presents the Final Leg in 2009 Giants Live Strongman Tour

“This is the final Giants Live strongman competition of the season and the last chance to secure a place at the World’s [World’s Strongest Man contest],” Giants Live founder Colin Bryce told IronMind® today.

Here’s the official lineup:

Jarek Dymek
Stefan Solvi Petursson
Mark Felix
Darren Sadler
Laurence Shahlaei
Rob Frampton
Kevin Nee
Raivis Vidzis
Tarmo Mitt

“Two young new Poles will also be part of the lineup," Bryce said.  "This should be a good contest - with the top three going to the World’s.”


Tire flip
Farmer's walk
Viking press

The competition will be held at Malbork Castle in northern Poland, a 13th-century gem that “is the world’s largest medieval castle,” said Bryce.  Svend “Viking” Karlsen has flown in from Norway to help Bryce present the TV commentary.

A source close to the process told IronMind® that “the World’s Strongest Man wild card selection will follow the contest.  As ever, a senior panel of strongman experts will liaise with top IMG officials to help decide the lineup.” 

And the stakes are higher than ever, as IronMind® heard, “This year’s World’s is expected to be the strongest lineup of strength athletes in history.”

Stay tuned for results.

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