Phil Pfister and the Battle of Muscle Beach on A&E Tonight

Featuring a Southwest passenger doing his thing, the show Airline will follow four-time World's Strongest Man competitor Phil Pfister tonight on the A&E channel.

Airing at 10:30 pm Eastern Time, this program will follow Phil from the time he boards a Southwest plane in Columbus and then goes on to pull off a dramatic one-half point victory over Odd Haugen at the Battle of Muscle Beach in Venice, California.

Pfister—who is a member of the Charleston Fire Department and is known for producing some colorful, eye-popping performances in strongman—said that it would have been cheaper and easier for him to fly United from his hometown of Charleston, West Virginia, but he enjoyed the opportunity to expose more people to strongman, so he was happy to drive to Columbus and buy a ticket on Southwest, the leading low-fare airline, for this show.

Check local schedules for viewing times in your area.

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