Pfister Wins in South Miami

Winning two of today's four events, Phil Pfister also walked away with first place overall in the IFSA-USA X-TREME STRONGMAN National Qualifier in South Miami, Florida.

Pfister finished the day with 11.5 points, followed by Steve Kirit at 15 points; Don Pope and Jesse Marunde were tied on points, at 19.5, but Pope got third place by virtue of having won an event.

The day started with a tire flip, using a 740-pound tire on an 80-foot course in the sand. Steve Kirit won the event in a time of 34.37 seconds, followed by Don Pope at 34.84 and Jesse Marunde at 36.56 seconds.

A repetition axle press was the next event, using a 240-barbell (clean and press). Steve Kirit won with 11 reps, followed by Pfister and Marunde, who tied with 10 reps.

The third event today was a farmer's walk for distance (275-pounds, 80-foot course). Phil Pfister flew to 177 feet 3 inches, followed by Kirit at 165 feet even and Odd Haugen at 162 feet even.

The final event of the day was loading stones (225-, 260-, 300-, 335-, and 360-pounds, all loaded to 50" boxes). Phil Pfister loaded all five in 25.27 seconds, to just edge Steve Kirit, who loaded all five in 25.45 seconds, ending the day and the competition with a dramatic head-to-head battle. Picking up third place in the stones was Don Pope, the only other competitor to load all five stones, which he did in 40.96 seconds.

Check for complete results in a few hours.

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