Pfister Leads in Miami

Maintaining his momentum, Phil Pfister leads after the first day of the Viking Challenge strongman contest in South Miami Beach, Florida.

Pfister ended the day with 14 points, followed by Don Pope and Steve Kirit, both at 15 points.

The day started off with the Husafell Stone (395-pounds, 80-foot course), which was won by Gregor Edmunds, with a distance of 220 feet. Steve Kirit was second, with 209 feet 4 inches, and Phil Pfister was third, with 199 feet.

The tire flip was next (same as yesterday), and Steve Kirit won, with a time of 36.72 seconds, followed by Don Pope at 37.75 seconds and Jesse Marunde at 38.06 seconds.

The third event was the keg toss for height (35-pounds), and Don Pope won, with a throw of 21 feet, beating the world record holder, Juha Rasanen, who came in second, with a throw of 20 feet, the same as Jesse Marunde.

The stones finished off the day (same as yesterday), and once again, Phil Pfister won, with a time of 22.59 seconds, followed by Don Pope at 24.38 seconds and Gregor Edmunds at 25.16 seconds.

In the team standings, the USA is off to a very strong start, leading Europe at 89 points to 131. For full details, check the official IFSA USA website.

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