Pfister Dominates Strongman II...

In what can only be described as a dominating performance, Phil Pfister won the Jim Davis's Strongman II competition today in St. Louis, Missouri, an event that was a fund raiser for the Children's Miracle Network. Points in the heavyweight class were: Phil Pfister, 46; Whit Baskin, 34; Pat Rankin, 31; Magnus Ver Magnusson, 28; Sami Heinonen, 25; Wade Gillingham, 24; Chad Coy, 18; Karl Gillingham, 17; Allen Pyburn, 14; Doug Ahr, 11. Willy Wessels won the lightweight class (under 220 pounds), with 46 points, Jari Veijola was second, with 43 points, and Mark Slovinski was third, with 32 points. Remaining points in the lightweight class were: Tom Shields, 29; Daniel James, 20; Jason Sportsman, 19; Ron Fortin, 15; Brian Duncan, 14; Matt Foutch, 12; Knute Bjornvatan and Nick Osborn, tied at 11.

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