On Jimmy Pollock by Phil Pfister

Jimmy Pollock: a World’s Strongest Man icon who will be missed mightily. Rest in peace, Jimmy. IronMind® | ©Randall J. Strossen photo

Jimmy Pollock’s recent death has stirred the souls of strong men worldwide—Phil Pfister (World’s Strongest Man winner 2006 and the man who proved Americans could once again win the only strongman contest that really matters) shared his thoughts with IronMind:

"World Strongest Man is a great title. But most of us can't achieve it. So, the contest is about much more. It is about the social element. Ultimately, that is the greatest prize, a family of friends that spans the world. The competition has always been quite serious. Fortunately, it is marvelously balanced out by an otherworldly cast of characters—competing intentionally, and sometimes unintentionally, to be the most clever, funny or lovable...sometimes the contest, personalities, and production all get to be quite much.

“But you find a core of your WSM favorites, a small group, whose company heals you. With them, you share your meals, and your down time. So, over the years this becomes quite a family. We tell stories on ourselves and each other. We bullshit, and share truths. These relationships and experiences overshadow any feats of strength. Jim Pollock was my family. Jimbo! He was my favorite Scotsman. My Scottish uncle...I was always keen to sit at his table during meal time, or share some shade between events. And of course, butcher the hell out of some language! Jimbo! He will live forever in the hearts of the Worlds Strongest Men.” –Philip Pfister, World’s Strongest Man winner 2006


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