Olympic Hopeful Ingrid Marcum Headed to Lake Placid

IronMind® checked in with Ingrid Marcum, to see if she was headed off to Lake Placid with the other 2010 Winter Olympic hopefuls - earlier this year, Marcum lifted in the IronMind® Invitational at the Arnold, went on to win at USA Weightlifting National Championships, and then worked with John Brookfield as they developed new Battling Ropes training material.

“I will indeed be leaving for the U.S. World Team Trials this Thursday,” Marcum said.  “We will be in Lake Placid until the 16th, after which we will travel to Park City.  There will be 2 races on each track before the U.S. National team is named in late October.  Overall, the U.S. brakemen are very strong and very fast this season, so competition is fierce!

“Things went well in Calgary for me - I ran a personal best in the 30-meter sprint test of 3.93 seconds.  I also pushed well, placing 4th in the Push Championships - just .03 seconds out of third with times consisting of the total our top two pushes.  I did well enough to keep myself in the mix.  The drivers choose their push athletes for the Team Trials races, so right now it's just a waiting game.  The World Cup season begins at the end of October, the U.S. team consisting of 3 drivers and 6 brakemen.

“Looking forward to the competitive season, though we still have a long road ahead.”

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