Odd Haugen’s Strength Challenge/IronMind Grip Strength Record Breakers

The inaugural San Jose FitExpo will feature both strongman and grip strength competitions, so whether you like to lift stones or crush them in your bare hands, we’ve got you covered.

Got strength?  If you’re a strongman or a grip guy, mark you calendar for the San Jose FitExpo, July 14–15.  IronMind® | Artwork courtesy of Odd Haugen.
Got strength?  If you’re a strongman or a grip guy, mark you calendar for the San Jose FitExpo, July 14–15.  IronMind® | Artwork courtesy of Odd Haugen.

Coming to the San Jose FitExpo on July 14, “Odd Haugen’s Strength Challenge is open to all qualified NAS member athletes.

“The top three athletes in each weight class will qualify for the 2012 NAS National Championship and the Open Champion will get a direct invite (entry fee waived) to the 2013 All American Strongman Challenge including travel reimbursements (flight or mileage) and hotel accommodations for two nights,” Haugen said.

And on July 15, all who have, or aspire to have, hands of steel, are invited to the 2012 IronMind Grip Strength Record Breakers, also at the San Jose FitExpo.

“The 2012 IronMind® Record Breaker Challenge is an open challenge to set or break World Records, American Records or just personal bests in each of five (5) events:

• IronMind Rolling Thunder® Deadlift
• IronMind Hub-Style Lift
• Captains of Crush® Silver Bullet™ Hold
• Little Big Horn Anvil Lift
• Double Overhand Deadlift with IronMind Apollon Axle™

Entry fee is $20 for each event or $60 for all five (5) events, with a $100.00 IronMind gift certificate going to the winner of each event.   


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