North American Highlander Association National Championships

"The spectator turnout was lower than expected, but the chilly, damp weather didn't keep the competition from heating up," D. J. Satterfield told IronMind as the 2011 North American Highlander Association (NAHA) National Championships saw tight competition in a contest format that combines traditional Highland Games and strongman events.

"All the divisions were very competitive with the lightweights and heavyweights coming down to tiebreakers to decide the national champions," said Satterfield.

"This fall Saturday in Nebraska was 20 degrees below normal, but still drew out the best in the athletes.  The athletes, crowd, etc. really stepped up and made for a great donation to Camp CoHoLo.  We raised over $1500 from the raffle."

Here are the winners:

• Tim Pinkerton (Nebraska): Lightweight
• Andrew Durniatt (Ohio): Middleweight
• Thom Van Vleck (Missouri): Heavyweight
• John O’Brien (Missouri): Masters
• Angela O'Connor(Nebraska): Women

For full details, please visit the official NAHA website.


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