No Central USA Strongman Contest in 2009

"With a lot of thought and prayer I have decided to not hold the 16th Annual Central USA [Strongman] in 2009," Chad Coy told IronMind® today. "We are the longest-running strongman show in the US."

"It was a tough choice, but I have to put my family and business first. We have always been successful in raising money for a charity. This year the sponsorship money is not there. Add lack of sponsorship to 14+% unemployment here . . . Chrysler is shut down for 4-8 weeks . . . Delphi is on the brink . . . this has hurt our business in Kokomo!  I feel like the 101st in the Ardennes right now.

"I would be unable to put the show on with the excellence in deserves . . . so maybe next year once things turn around!"

Chad Coy has been one of the central figures helping to build strongman in the US since the late 1990s - as a competitor, coach and promoter. When Chad first started in strongman, he was playing semi-pro football and even though he'd be big in most crowds, weighing around 250 pounds, in the strongman world, he was often the lightest guy in the contest. Chad and his wife, Kim, own Club Fitness 24 in Kokomo, Indiana.

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