Night of Strength II!

Roger LaPointe and Atomic Athletic have set up a gathering place for everyone interested in strength who would like to get together from 6 to 9 p.m., March 5th, adjacent to the Arnold Expo.

Atomic Athletic, best known for its carved granite balls and shot-loading globe barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells—not to mention things far more exotic—has invited Kim Wood (of Hammer Strength/Bengals/Nautilus fame), "Big Bob Karhan" (featured on the Atomic Athletic postcards), Pat Povilaitis (who recently bent an IronMind red nail), and Richard Sorin ("the first Captain of Crush"), among others, to this gathering, and if you would like more details and want to sign up to attend yourself, please email with "Night of Strength II" in the subject line.

Rumor has it that Roger is trying the break the record for the most guys certified on Captains of Crush grippers gathered in one spot, so if you've got a jar of tacky that you just can't open, be sure to bring it by.

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