Nick’s the Best at FitExpo: Strongman Set for Arnold, Mohegan Sun

Nick Best finished yesterday with a solid lead at the 2010 Gaspari Nutrition All-American Strongman Challenge, and today he increased it - winning the contest itself, as well as invitations to upcoming strongman contests at the Arnold and at the Mohegan Sun.

It was also a great day for Mark Felix, who moved up from fifth to second, and for Josh Thigpen, who won both the Hercules Hold and the Stones, and moved from ninth to fourth.

Officially, here are the final points for the top six:

1. Nick Best 70.0
2. Mark Felix 64.0
3. Louis-Philippe Jean 59.0
4. Josh Thigpen 56.0
5. Terry Hollands 53.5
6. Robert Sczepankski 50.0

Odd Haugen told IronMind® that, “As far as the brute strength award, it goes to Dave Ostlund for lifting all five blocks,” something that Haugen said has maybe been done only one other time.

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