Nick McKinless Wins the 19th British Grip Championships

“Great win for Nick McKinless; it went right down to the last event, with a difference of 0.7 seconds on a Shallow Hub Hold,” David Horne told IronMind, as McKinless took the title at the 19th British Grip Championships.

“Really pleased for him,” Horne said, “but would of course had preferred to win!"

“Also, Pete Kerr who got 3rd place overall broke Tommy Heslep's Pinch Lift world record for the 82.5k and under class with a lift of 91k (Tommy's record was 90.7k and set in 2005 at the U.S. Nationals,” Horne reported.

Overall results:

1. Nick McKinless 7.0
2. David Horne 9.0
3. Pete Kerr 20.0
4. Maxwell Thompson 22.5
5. Mark Martin-Dye 25.5
6. Paul Wood 28.0
7. Dave Johnson 29.0
8. Mitch Cartwright 39.0

For full details, please check David Horne’s World of Grip website.


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